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Who/what is Hawker Heights?

Evolving from the release of a debut album under a former stage name in 2017, Neil Boland's Hawker Heights has become a collective of some of Melbourne's finest soul, funk, blues and jazz musicians who come together to deliver a good time for those who care to listen. From a Hammond combo to a full horn-driven ensemble, Hawker Heights brings you feel-good American-style music. See the menu below for Hawker Heights incarnations.

The original recipe core lineup from the “South by East” era. A bit of blues with a decent hint of jazz, country, soul and not-so-secret spices.

The “South by East” era lineup with two added horns instead of one for extra zing.

Neil’s tasty soul, funk, blues and more with greasy Hammond organ as the main ingredient.

The main meal. The Hawker Heights Five, except with a total of three horns — you'll need an extra hole in your belt.

House special: any Hawker Heights combination with a little extra on the side. A secret society of 'invite only' guests who jam 'til the house comes down. Who knows? It might even become a regular thing? Check Specials Board for details.