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November 6, 2017

To me, writing very personal songs in the blues, at first anyway, seemed like a strange thing to do.

Usually, the lyrical subject matter comes across as a more generic formula — subjects like, "What happened to me this morning/today/this year", "Aren't we all having fun drinking and eating Southern-style food?", "That's it, I've had enough of yo' shit; I'm outta here" are the poetical go-to places for content.

But a member of my own family—a blues-loving road nomad of sorts himself—deserved a song of his own: Bill Carroll (Sr). And I thought that more people should know about him, via "Wild Bill".

"Uncle Billy" was taken...

November 1, 2017

For blues lyrics that talk about relationships, sentiments usually fall into two loose categories — pleading someone not to leave, and threatening your other half that you will do exactly that, if they don’t start behaving. And then there are the stories told in past tense — “she/he did this, and now she/he is no longer here”, to paraphrase just about everyone. And if the person who has left takes everything including the dog, well…you might even have a country song.

What is worse, however, than taking everything of value in the blues is someone having the audacity to take the trivial stuff, like in Albert King’s ‘I Got t...

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